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Whitby Chamber of Commerce Benefitting from FanSaves

Members of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce and people in the Whitby area can now save money just for being a fan of our first Chamber to be featured on FanSaves.

Introducing our first Chamber of Commerce, a new vertical outside of sports teams, has been extremely exciting for us and working alongside the team at the Whitby Chamber has made implementation wonderfully easy.

Tradtionally, members of the Whitby Chamber have received Member-2-Member savings (a way that members could offer other members deals from their stores so they could support each other) in the form of listing the deals on the Chamber website. Other Chambers in Canada use a card system but in a digital age, it was clear change was needed.

With members often forgetting where they could get discounts from and businesses who offered a deal not being able to TRULY track who was using their deal, it was time for a digital revitalization of the Member-2-Member program and Whitby Chamber CEO, Natalie Prychitko, knew it.

From our first call with Natalie, we knew she saw the FanSaves vision and that we could really help her organization. She and her team have been a pleasure to work with and their members have really jumped on board, offering both public deals and exclusive deals just for members. The best part about the Whitby Chamber being on our app is that these members can now carry each others business information and savings right in their pockets and easily support other members in ways they previously couldn't.

On October 2nd, we introduced FanSaves to a full house at the Whitby Chamber's Decoding Disruption event. It was a great day featuring innovation and technology and we received a lot of immediate interest. We loved seeing members' faces light up knowing they could now benefit from our app. The event was an awesome display of the forward thinking and digital innovation that is clearly present within the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.

We'd like to thank Natalie and her team for being so open to our technology and for helping us spread the word in their community, which sits right outside of Toronto. We look forward to helping their members save money and support each other in a brand new way!

We cannot wait to explore this new Chamber of Commerce vertical as we look to expand into even more. If you would like more information about how to get your local Chamber on FanSaves, we'd love to hear from you!

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