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Get to Know the Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce- Partner Spotlight

The Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce was the first Chamber in Alberta, Canada to join FanSaves and it has been a pleasure to see how a small community can have such a big heart! We are shining the spotlight on the Slave Lake Chamber because we have witnessed first hand how hard they work for their members and how much they do for local business.

Give us an overview of the Slave Lake Chamber:

The Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce is a membership based organization that focuses on promoting local businesses through advocacy, facilitation and partnership.

Tell us about Slave Lake, Alberta and how your organization has immersed itself in your community?

We have been in this community for over 30 years and are known for holding many events throughout the year that promote local business. Our flagship event that we are well known for is the largest of it's kind in Northern Alberta and is a summer festival called Riverboat Daze.

What is something the Slave Lake Chamber is extremely proud of?

We are proud to be the first Chamber in Alberta to launch FanSaves and we are very proud of the work we've done to revitalize our annual Summer Festival, Riverboat Daze. We also participated in a survey of area businesses with which we secured grant funding for and held a series of free workshops to address the top issues found via the surveys.

Photo courtesy of the Lakeside Leader

Why are the local businesses affiliated with the Slave Lake Chamber important to you and your community?

Every business in our community has an important role to play in the success of our region as a whole. Small business is the spine of our local economy and we can and must do everything we can to support it.

Tell us a quirky or unique fact about your Chamber:

Kimberly Hughes is a a one-woman show! She was previously a board member for two years before taking over the role of Executive Admin coming out of her maternity leave. She has a unique take on how to approach this job as she too owns a small business.

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