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Saving Money Doesn't Mean You're Cheap

It's not unusual for people to immediately answer "No" when we ask them if they like saving money. It has started to raise our curiosity as to why a person wouldn't immediately respond that they LOVE saving money. Maybe it makes them uncomfortable to talk about cash? Maybe they think we're implying that they look like they need to save a few dollars (which is never the case)? Maybe they just don't hear the questions properly?

Couponing has gotten a bad rap in the past few years since TV shows made wanting to save money relatable to a sleep-deprived mom, wielding scissors and running amok in a grocery store. But is saving money really that bad? Not even in it's extreme, keeping a few dollars in your pocket instead of the cashier's till does seem to have an appeal, does it not?

In fact, some of the richest people in the world are the best at saving money because they understand the proverb that says "The art is not in making money but in keeping it". So, instead of feeling embarrassed or cheap when the option to use a coupon presents itself, why not instead feel empowered? Why not feel like those dollars you're saving each time can actually add up and help you buy something you really want in the future?

Saving money should not be seen as shameful or embarassing and getting a discount that can help you avoid having major #WalletRegret later on should ultimately make you happy. If you want to save money and be happier, download the FanSaves app today and get discounts and deals easily and for free, no scissor wielding necessary!

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