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Meet the Whitby Chamber of Commerce- Partner Spotlight

The Whitby Chamber was the first ever Chamber of Commerce to join FanSaves which set in motion our offering and digitalization of Member-to-Member Discounts. Traditionally, Chambers used a card system for their member deals or simply listed them on their website but ever the innovators, the Whitby Chamber wanted more. Our partnership with the Whitby Chamber continues to grow and we are proud to be able to shine the spotlight on them for all they do in their community and beyond. We are huge fans of the Whitby Chamber and we know you will be too.

Give us an overview of the Whitby Chamber:

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven organization with the mission to empower, connect and advocate for business across the Durham Region (just outside of Toronto, Ontario).

Tell us about the community you're located in and how your organization has immersed itself in your area?

The Town of Whitby is located in the heart of Durham Region and is home to a thriving and resilient businesses community, which we are proud to support and be a part of.

What is something the Whitby Chamber is extremely proud of?

Many know the Whitby Chamber of Commerce for its stellar signature events, including The Business Summit, Connect Women and the Peter Perry & Business Achievement Awards, however most are unaware of the amount of advocacy work that goes on behind the scenes, with the help of our Advocacy Committee, to ensure our business community is well represented at all levels of government. We also pride ourselves on our ability to evolve and we’ll continue doing so to bring valuable and innovative programming to our membership.

Why are the local businesses affiliated with the Whitby Chamber important to you and your community?

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce belongs to its members. The staff at the Chamber all genuinely care about our business community and look forward to coming to work everyday to support them. We are constantly amazed by how active and supportive our membership is, within our community and with each other.

Tell us a quirky or unique fact about your team or your office in general:

The Chamber CEO, Natalie Prychitko, bought us all matching fuzzy slippers that we secretly wear under our desks... and then sometimes not so secretly into meetings in the boardroom.

Become a fan of the Whitby Chamber and follow them on FanSaves for access to amazing discounts and deals from their members!

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