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How Building a Startup is like Building a House

I was on a call today and I was explaining our progress at FanSaves over the last four and a half years. I compared it to building a house.

For the past few years, Kris, myself and our team have been building the foundation for our startup. We have dug out the basement, poured the concrete and made sure that this house has lasting power.

People driving by our "hypothetical FanSaves house" have seen that there is work being done, they see something big is being built there. They drive by and see the hole in the ground which will become the basement, they see the progress brick by brick and they wonder what is all the commotion? What is being built? Why is the foundation being poured with such care? But eventually, the passerbys start watching it coming together.

2022 is the year the walls go up on out house. It's the year the roof gets added. This is the year that this foundation will become all that it was meant to be; something strong to hold something big.

People are noticing. They're driving by our house and finally understanding the vision we've had from the very start. They're seeing how much bigger the house is meant to be than just the concrete base supporting it. They realize how strong the foundation has become and they're excited to see how the house turns out.

They're cheering us on from the sidelines and many are even coming to our side, standing next to us as we build it. Throwing on their own hard hat and getting dirty and messy with us as we cut the lumber and measure the beams. Helping us push the walls up, working together like the village we are.

Building a startup is seriously just like building a house. The best laid plans might change, the colour of the walls might end up being different, but if you take the time you need to build the right foundation, the house (startup) you build will be able to withstand anything (including a pandemic).

So stay tuned and watch us as the building continues. No one can build a startup alone, just like no one can build a house alone, and we are so proud to have the best builders and support team in our court.

And trust me, we're gonna have a hell of a housewarming party!


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