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Giving Teams a Way to Discount Tickets and Merch

One of the best parts about FanSaves is that teams and organizations now have a way to offer their fans discounts and savings on their own inventory. Whether this is giving fans a deal on team merchandise or featuring a discount on walk-up ticket pricing, teams and organizations can push deals the same way their sponsors do.

Too often, teams are scrambling 20 minutes before game time trying to figuring out a deal on the overstocked hoodies they are having trouble selling. Or maybe a bad winter storm leads them to believe attendance might be low. What better way to stop the disarray and distractions that these things often lead to and instead just put their deals up and let them speak for themselves.

And now teams can actually track who is using their deals and understand their fans better. They can actually see how many deals were redeemed and key analytics about their customers which can help them nail down their marketing in a more effective way.

The Austin Bruins and the Rochester Grizzlies are already taking advantage of this awesome FanSaves perk, offering their fans great discounts on both tickets and merch. On top of other great deals from their sponsors, the Bruins and Grizzlies are helping their fans save money by directly supporting their teams.

If you're looking for a way to entice new fans to your game, let's talk!

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